Sorry we don’t accept dogs

We love dogs and have two of our own.

We don’t accept dogs in our cabins and realise that we may miss out on some bookings but that is our choice.

We are simply not big enough to please everyone

We only have three cabins. Bigger sites/hotels/guest houses usually allocate some units/areas to dog owners which leaves other rooms for allergy sufferers or guests not comfortable around dogs. We know this from experience. When we do travel with our dogs we are usually given rooms in a special dog friendly part of the building or site, never the newest and usually the noisiest. But we get the reasoning.

We want guests to relax here

Whitby Log Cabins is a place where guests can rest, relax and enjoy the sounds of nature all around. Interestingly we found that, when we did accept dogs in the past, some guests (at least three to our knowledge) cut their stays short because the dogs were making their stays so unrestful!

We put wildlife first

Our’s is a lifestyle business and we have created a refuge for wildlife including badgers, deer, owls, wild ducks. Our ancient woodland is outstanding habit for a variety of bird life. Not all dog owners are aware that some birds (including robins) nest on the ground and are easily disturbed by dogs with a hunting pedigree (that includes even the best behaved Spaniels and Labradors). Our birdlife, much enjoyed by guests, has increased significantly since we stopped welcoming dogs.

Too much temptation

We know that the majority of dog owners are responsible and considerate but the few who are not can cause a lot of damage. Because all our cabins are in private space and not overlooked we have to trust guests to follow the rules. And because we have four acres of woodland, much of it undisturbed, with no people or other buildings in sight, the temptation to let dogs ‘have a little run’ is always there.

We’ve had dogs left in the cabins howling so that we could hear them 75 metres away, leaving us worried about the dog and also the impact on other guests. Then there have been dogs running amok (probably after the scent of a deer or badger) and owners shouting to get them back. As we also have a menagerie of rescue animals, including hens and small furries, we really can’t risk dogs loose on site. On one occasion we found a dog in the field chasing our Shetland pony.

We know this is an emotive subject ….. and we love dogs

We love children too, but have now designed all cabins for two adults only (we also found a naked toddler chasing the Shetland pony) – but this appears to be much less controversial.